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Interning with MRJC

An internship with the Mediation and Restorative Justice Center gives individuals the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to develop and enhance their ability to work in the applied field. 

Some of the benefits of being an intern for MRJC are: 

  • Gain familiarity with court systems and processes 

  • Establish a network of job sources in the community 

  • Direct involvement with the staff, board, and clients 

  • Travel to other mediation centers and sites throughout the state 

  • Collaborate with other community organizations to solve problems 

  • Develop communication, writing, and people skills 

  • Learn how non-profit organizations function 

  • All internship opportunities at MRJC are academic (require course credit and/or supervision through a college/university)

  • Programs could include BSW, MSW, political science, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, and more.

  • Anyone interested in an internship with MRJC (no matter what specific program or site they are interested in) should fill out the online application below.

  • Contact Mackenzie Laney at if you would like more information before applying

  • Please do not use AI for any portion of your application, it is noticeable and we would much rather hear your authentic voice!

Applications are closed for Summer and Fall 2024. Applications for Spring 2025 will open during the Fall 2024 semester.

Succeeding With Us

Certain characteristics and prior knowledge would be helpful to successfully complete an internship at MRJC, such as: 

  • Basic knowledge of recovery principles and approaches, including harm reduction.

  • Basic knowledge of the criminal justice system 

  • Knowledge of mediation and/or restorative justice 

  • Basic administrative/clerical skills 

  • Completion of certain courses/coursework (criminology, criminal justice, corrections, social work, counseling, social deviance, etc.)

  • Ability to be neutral, non-judgmental, adaptable, and open-minded. 

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